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Will you be part of the eCommerce fulfilment growth for traditional crafts supplies in 2023?

One thing is for sure that our return or newly found delight in creating and making things ourselves
shows no sign of abating. In fact, the industry predicts the market will continue to grow as more
people discover and celebrate the joys of learning and perfecting traditional crafts and skills.

As well as the traditional crafts such as sewing, knitting, home baking, tapestry, art, and pottery, we
are discovering many innovative ideas that are being driven by a desire not just to ‘make’ but to reap
the personal benefits such as greater wellbeing, mindfulness and sustainability that crafting brings.

Over thirty-seven million people bought a craft item last year and with contemporary trends and
techniques emerging – as well as a revival of old ones – this will surely continue to grow.

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What are crafters buying now and is your eCommerce fulfilment ready?

Handmade interiors (known as Cottagecore) have been a hot topic this last year with crafters
focussing on a country-style living of cosy interiors and floral prints which reflected the nation’s need
for comfort and reassurance.

The rise in making our own clothes has not only been driven by the ’changed world’ we find
ourselves in, but our desire to make our lives more sustainable and with more than a little help from
the hugely popular TV show the Great British Sewing Bee.

Similarly, who would have thought a TV programme about a group of potters competing for the
coveted ‘potter of the week’ accolade, would be so charming and compelling. Just watch the Great
Pottery Throw Down if you have any doubt.

What trends should traditional crafts suppliers look for?

Many ancient arts are being rediscovered as we seek more crafts to indulge our passions, and new
ones are being created to use new and recycled materials, and technologies such as 3-D printing.

Bargello is a vintage needlepoint craft with is gaining popularity, as is a newly discovered pottery
technique called Terrazzo. Paper crafts continue to increase in popularity with crafters making
beautiful handmade notepaper, exotic paper flowers, and origami figures. Anything made from
wool and other yarns – especially recycled yarn – is keeping hands busy as is our re-discovered love
of pom-poms adorning hats, cushions, throws and fashion items.

Consumers can’t get enough of handmade beauty items as they are perceived as more natural and
sustainable, and most items don’t carry expensive packaging which ends up in landfill.

A great way for online traditional crafts suppliers to see what’s trending and to get new ideas for their business is to visit The Stitch Festival in March as London’s prestigious Business Design Centre – here’s a link to find out more

Online traditional crafts supplies – what’s the biggest customer complaint?

If we assume that the product matches the description and there’s no reason for dissatisfaction in
that area, the biggest complaint that online customers make is either SLOW delivery of their item or
DAMAGED delivery.

Both are easily fixed, if you use a dependable, specialist fulfilment company which understands your
products and the need to deliver a first-class eCommerce fulfilment service.

Reliable eCommerce fulfilment is key to a happy, returning customer.

If your customer is in the middle of a craft project, there is nothing more frustrating to wait days for
a crucial item to arrive, or worse to find it has been damaged in transit and the whole project is

Customers want their items NOW. This is especially true of younger people who demand next day
delivery. The traditional crafts buying customer has become younger, so online retailers who have poor
fulfilment will be losing these valuable customers.

What does first-class eCommerce fulfilment for traditional crafts retailers look like?

It should be trouble-free with guaranteed order accuracy, same-day despatch for orders received up
to 5pm with pay-as-you-go dynamic pricing with no set up or monthly management fees.

In addition, online retailers should have 24/7 access to their fulfilment service portal with an easy-
to-use platform and real-time reporting, so sales figures, returns and stock levels can be viewed
quickly and in real time.

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