adstral ecommerce fulfilment

Contract Packing & Hand Assembly Services

Available for long-term contracts and ad-hoc jobs to match your specific requirements

Adstral provides a complete range of hand contract packing and assembly services, including retail, gift and promotional packing, reworking, labelling, sorting, collation, kitting, assembly, refurbishment, returns processing and QC inspection.

Available for all-year work and seasonal peaks, we can accommodate ongoing and one-off contracts. Our extensive warehouse facility can securely store raw materials and finished goods ready for direct mailing or distribution.

Our contract packing services include:

  • Fast, economical and reliable contract packing solutions
  • Administration and warehouse support
  • Direct shipping services for finished products
  • Stress-free solutions for emergency runs
  • Direct delivery to conferences and exhibitions
  • Bespoke production and campaign management
  • Detailed status reporting of inventory and shipments
  • ISO 14001 certified environmental management system