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Customer Returns Processing

We take care of all your customer returns processing – carefully inspecting, repackaging, storing, disposing of and categorising every returned product.

Returns Processing and Inspection

Adstral returns processing

We ensure an effective returns processing and inspection process to maximise your capital investment and save your business time and money. Detailed QC inspections, product repackaging and storage or onward distribution as required. We also manage waste transfer and certificated destruction.

Typically, pristine items are given the highest turnaround priority so that these can quickly be returned to stock and made available for sale on your website. Faulty goods are quarantined and can be stored in our warehouses or returned directly to your manufacturer or distributor. Damaged, obsolete or outdated products can be disposed of responsibly or recycled, according to your specific requirements.

Our reporting systems will always keep you up to date with all of your customers’ returns. Call us now on 01793 725043 to discuss your returns processing and reverse logistics requirements – we can be ready to start immediately.

Here to help with all of your eCommerce returns

Do you sell your products via your website or other marketplaces? If so, we seamlessly integrate with all major eCommerce channels, as well as offering bespoke integrations.

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