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Adstral handles order fulfilment for thousands of items every day. All are picked and packed under the watchful eyes of our quality assurance team and then prepared ready for despatch by post & courier.

  • 5pm same-day shipping deadline
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  • Personalised packing options
  • Client branded dispatch notes
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Crafts Fulfilment at Adstral

Better Crafts Order Fulfilment

Wow!  If ever a sector has exploded in popularity it is this one.  Driven initially by Covid lockdown and the need to fill time at home, people have now discovered and re-discovered the joys of making things.  Make sure your order fulfilment is up to scratch.

Across the UK, the number of people buying craft is 0ver 40 million.  This is a 4-fold increase in the volume of craft objects bought annually from 6 million in 2006 to a whopping 26 million in 2022.  The value of craft sales increased from £883 million in 2006 to over £3 billion in 2022.

Are you ready to fulfil this growing market with your crafts order fulfilment?

Reliable fulfilment is the key to a happy and returning customer.

There is nothing more frustrating for a purchaser to have an item delivered late, incomplete or damaged – especially if it’s a crucial item needed to progress or complete a craft project, this is why good order fulfilment is so important.

This is especially true of younger people who demand ‘instant’ or ‘next day’ and with the craft buying market for the under 35’s increasing by 35% since 2006, it’s an important chunk of the market we cannot afford to ignore.

There has always been a market for traditional crafts such as dressmaking, knitting, tapestry and quilting, but the last couple of years have seen a rise in new and less popular crafts with stained glass being top of the list, with pottery, art therapy, woodworking and soap making in the mix.  Judging by the number of chalk paint brands, furniture painting is right up there in popularity.