What is Picking and Packing?

Picking and packing is the process of selecting products for customer orders and placing them directly into a shipping box. This process eliminates the need for individual repacking for shipping, thereby makes packing and despatch faster. Picking and packing is mainly used by e-commerce retailers and fulfilment companies for processing consumer orders.

Once all items have been picked and checked, the delivery note is signed and packing materials added to the box alongside the product. The order is then ready for a shipping label to be applied and passed to the mailing service. The process is particularly suitable for fast-moving consumer products.

Adstral’s Picking and Packing Service

Adstral provides a complete range of order fulfilment services, including ecommerce fulfilment which provides free integration with all major online shopping platforms. With a 5pm order deadline for same-business day shipping and guaranteed picking and packing accuracy, it’s no wonder that clients find Adstral to be one of the most attractive 3PL fulfilment services available in the UK. We welcome new clients who receive 500+ orders each month.

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