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Protect your items with a first class shrink wrapping service

Why shrink wrap?

Pop into any supermarket and you will be greeted by products wrapped in shrink wrapping. In the case of perishable goods, they may be shrink wrapped to ensure any tampering with the product is easily visible, or to preserve the food.

However, shrink wrapping isn’t just beneficial for perishable goods. Its versatility makes it a highly effective method for packing boxed products, books, puzzles and games, CDs, DVDs and software bundles, stationery, beauty products, distribution packs… and the list goes on!

For fulfilment service providers such as ourselves, shrink wrapping ensures that goods such as ecommerce items, promotional material, media products, etc arrive with the customer in great condition.

Our shrink wrapping service

There are many reasons why our clients use Adstral shrink wrapping services for their products. These include:

  • Protection against scuffs, dirt, dust and damage during transit.
  • Enhanced presentation.
  • Protection against tampering/provides obvious evidence if tampering has occurred .
  • Once applied, shrink wrapping does not loosen. This provides protection against damage during transportation and delivery.
  • Outstanding durability – shrink wrapping is difficult to tear or puncture during transit and does not become brittle or weaken over time or when exposed to sunlight or extreme cold.
  • It is a cost-effective packaging solution.It provides an efficient form of packaging. By bundling items together and applying shrink wrapping, it significantly eliminates the need for the use of additional boxes and packaging material..

As part of our assured guarantee of providing a first class, high quality service, we take every precaution to ensure the goods that we have been entrusted with are received by the end user in the very best condition. We use purpose-built shrink wrapping machinery with a high quality shrink wrap film which provides an exceptional result, whatever type of product we are handling.

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