How returns processing works

Returns Processing – how to handle your returns

Online, in-store or B2B, our customers often need to return things to us from time to time. However, handling returned goods is not just a case of putting them back on the shelves for resale.

What is returns processing?

If you are involved in selling products – whatever they may be – there will be an element of goods being returned. Third party returns processing companies will handle these returned goods for you. 

They will handle everything, including checking that they are fit for resale, booking them back into stock on a computerised stock system (or writing them off if faulty, damaged or not fit for resale), or repackaging where necessary so that they are fit for resale, and then delivery to a new buyer.

Ten steps to implement an efficient reverse logistics strategy

  1. To manage an efficient returns process/reverse logistics strategy, it is essential that a robust quality management system is put in place. This will set out the various processes that need to be followed to successfully handle returns, whether low or high volume.
  2. Undertake thorough training for all staff that will be handling returns and ensure that they follow the returns process to the letter.
  3. Provide a workstation that allows efficient handling of returns processing.
  4. Provide recycling bins by workstations for used packaging.
  5. Implement a barcode system for items to be easily entered into stock and then booked out for resale.
  6. All goods returned need to be thoroughly inspected to determine whether they are fit for resale, damaged or faulty.
  7. Goods fit for resale should be entered back into stock via a computerised stock system, following the designated process.
  8. Goods damaged or faulty should be written off and disposed of.
  9. Process refunds or exchanges, ensuring the customer doesn’t have to ‘chase’ the retailer.
  10. Repackage goods for resale and place in designated area in warehouse.

How Adstral’s returns process works

We provide an efficient, cost-effective and quality managed returns processing service that saves business time and money. On receipt of any returned item, we will thoroughly inspect and then categorise each item as faulty, damaged, cleared for resale etc., and then it will be entered into our database/reporting system.

Products that can be resold will be repackaged and stored in our warehouse ready for onward distribution when required.  Faulty or damaged goods will be stored in our warehouse ready for disposal/recycling, or returned directly to the manufacturer/distributor, depending on our customers’ requirements.

If you would like more information on our returns processing service and how we can streamline your returns process, please complete your details on our online enquiry form and we will get back to you by return.

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