Order Fulfilment Pricing

Probably the best fulfilment prices in the UK

Attractive, simple and transparent fulfilment pricing

Our fulfilment prices are the best we’ve seen. We never compromise on service and always take the time to discuss your needs and present a tailored fulfilment solution. Yet our pricing is simple and attractive.

We attract clients who regularly ship over 250 orders per month, although not necessarily with hundreds or thousands of different SKUs. This allows us to achieve the most effective use of our storage and operational facilities and always provide attractive, simple and transparent fulfilment pricing.

Order fulfilment pricing
Order fulfilment pricing

Fulfilment Charges

Our Fulfilment charges are based directly on orders picked, packed and shipped each day:
Charge per order: £1.00
Charge per each item shipped: £0.35 (small items up to shoebox size)

Product Storage Fees

 Storage is charged at £2.35 per week, per cubic metre (or part thereof).

Amazon Preparation

 FBA product barcoding charges start at £0.35 per unit. Please contact us to discuss your precise requirements, e.g. barcoding, kitting, bagging, etc. We can also arrange for onward shipment directly to your required Amazon Fulfilment centre (UK and international). Find out more about our Amazon Preparation Service

Postal Charges

We ship to all destinations, using only the most reliable and cost-effective postal services to ensure on-time & secure delivery of your orders. We have secured preferential rates from our postal suppliers which we will be delighted to share with you as part of our initial discussions. We can also link to  your existing postal accounts.

Contact our business team for further details.

Postal Packaging

 You decide what postal and protective packaging you prefer – e.g. outer box, padded bags, postal tubes, polythene mailers – and we’ll always source the most cost-effective packaging for your needs. We will be pleased to provide our expert packaging advice and recommendations for your specific products.

Tell us about your packaging requirements.

Monthly Fulfilment Cost Estimator

Please enter your average number of fulfilment orders per month below to get an instant estimate of our Fulfilment pricing. Example prices shown are based on all products up to shoebox size. When you’re ready, please complete the Enquiry Form below and we’ll contact you to discuss your precise requirements, including packaging and postal options.

  Orders Per Month: 250

  Items Per Order: 1

  No Of SKUs: 1

  Pallet Storage (Multiples of 1m³): 1

Cost (excludes p&p) 

(Equivalent to £1.39 per order)

Save time and money on your logistics.

Our cost-effective order fulfilment solution provides you with more valuable time to focus on other important areas of your business, while we take care of the orders.

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