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5 Ways to improve your eCommerce fulfilment

If you have an online retail business, a big part of your operation is fulfilling the orders.  It may take only a short time to upload new items onto your online store, but when the orders come flooding in, fulfilling them may mean that you don’t have time for anything else.

However, an improved and streamlined eCommerce fulfilment process can mean that you can regain some of that time.  So how do you go about improving your eCommerce fulfilment?

1. Get your software working for you

Choose an eCommerce platform that will let you perform a variety of tasks, from building your website through to a fully functional online shopping tool.

Platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento offer a range of services which give online retailers complete control over their sales operation, including managing stock.

2. Take stock of your stock

There’s nothing more frustrating for an online shopper to purchase something, only for the retailer to get in touch to say that the item is out of stock and there will be a delay in getting your order sent. It pays to keep a tight rein on stock control.

Issuing each item with its own unique code, such as an SKU, means that companies can keep track of all their stock.  It also provides clear data which helps with sales forecasting and re-ordering to ensure you never run out of a product.

For more information, read our FAQs on SKUs.

3. Sort out your storage

An organised storage area makes for quick and efficient packing. If you can go straight to a stock item when an order comes in, you can pick, pack and despatch with no fuss.  However, if you need to spend time searching for a product each time you pack an order, it could end up costing you many hours per week.  Implementing a system such as SKUs (as above) and using a clear labelling system enables stock to be stored in an efficient way, and makes it quick and easy to pick and pack an order.

4. Employ specialised pick, pack and despatch operatives

As your business grows, your order fulfilment is only going to get busier.  If your current staffing situation cannot cope, this is when mistakes are made, leading to disgruntled customers.

Dedicated order fulfilment staff, however, will focus solely on picking, packing and despatching – ensuring orders are correctly packed and sent out on time, keeping your customers happy and allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your business.

5. Outsource your eCommerce fulfilment

There is, however, one sure fire way to improve your eCommerce fulfilment – that’s to outsource.

By choosing an eCommerce fulfilment partner to handle everything from picking and packing to shipping, your order fulfilment will be streamlined, efficient and 100% accurate every time.  Using specialised software, they will integrate with your sales channels and website so that when an order comes in, it will be despatched to your delivery timescales.

What’s more, an eCommerce fulfilment company will house all your stock for you.  They will ensure that your stock is stored safely and securely and will keep tight control of your entire inventory, making sure you never run out and therefore keeping your customers happy.

To find out about our professional, guaranteed order fulfilment service, visit our eCommerce Fulfilment page.

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