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Benefits of using a kitting service

From bird feeders to magazine holders, childrens’ toys to storage boxes, when you get them home, there’s often a certain amount of assembly needed before you can start using them.  Manufacturers are able to keep costs down by packaging the ‘parts’ for customers to assemble at home – and flat packed parts also take up considerably less warehouse space than fully assembled products.

What is a kitting service?

A kitting service is another way of describing an assembly service. A third-party company takes delivery of all the ‘component parts’ and collates them into a kit which can then be assembled and sent to the end user. Outsourcing this process to a third party saves the manufacturer time and money – and valuable warehouse space.

Benefits of Adstral’s kitting service

Our kitting service will save you time and money.

To begin with, it saves you having to employ staff to carry out this operation, which is a cost saving in itself.  Plus you can free up your own storage space or save having to rent extra warehouse facilities.

We are experts in providing a range of multi-channel order fulfilment services, which includes contract packing and shipment.  In choosing us as your third-party kitting provider, we can guarantee you faster assembly, fewer shipping mistakes, and better packaging.

We will keep full inventory of stock, informing you when it reaches an agreed re-order limit, and we will even take care of the returns for you.  All you need to do is ship the component parts to us and we will handle everything for you, from kitting through to on-time delivery.

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