Order fulfilment for health and beauty products

Order fulfilment for health and beauty products.

Before COVID-19 hit our shores online sales of cosmetics and other beauty products continued to rise as customers moved away from the high street and shopped from the comfort of their homes. The pandemic has seen online sales of make-up and health products rocket, and according to retail forecasters this trend will continue and will contribute to the further decline of bricks and mortar shopping.

Bad news for traditional high street retail, but good news for eCommerce retailers – especially those that have upped their online presence and taken advantage of the e-shopping boom. However, this increase in order volumes have caught some online retailers on the hop and they have struggled to cope with picking, packing and despatch of products, which has resulted in poorly packed items and late deliveries.

Cosmetics, beauty, and health products require attention to detail.

If you are still picking, packing, and despatching products in-house, then you’ll know that expensive and fragile items need careful handling from the moment they are picked off the shelf, packed appropriately and securely and finally despatched. You may be at a growth stage where you are considering outsourcing the order fulfilment part of your business to enable you to concentrate more on strategy and sales, in which case it makes sense to choose a fulfilment partner which has specialist expertise and experience dealing with health and beauty products.

Or you may already work with a third-party logistics provider, but the service you receive isn’t matching your expectations, which could be impacting on your reputation.

Whichever scenario, choose a fulfilment partner that understands your business, offers a professional experienced service from a friendly team that is always on-hand to help.

Working with Adstral takes the pressure off eCommerce retailing.

Whatever retailing model is used, order fulfilment is one of the most challenging areas and one of the most worrying for the business owner. But it’s not difficult to get right.

When new clients work with us, we make the process simple and easy with clear communication on how items will be received, stored, picked, packed, and shipped from our secure warehouse. We will set up your personal Adstral Client Portal and give step-by-step instructions for you to view your account status in real-time – and we are always available for further help and training if required. We have a great on-boarding team which will provide all the advice and handholding needed to get your business up and running quickly and efficiently.

If you already work with a 3PL provider, there will undoubtedly be some nervousness about moving to a new order fulfilment supplier and we fully appreciate that this is a big step to take. That’s why our experienced and knowledgeable team will integrate your eCommerce platform with minimal disruption and when the ‘back-end’ technology is embedded and tested, then ‘go live’ is achieved quickly and securely through our own 3PL order management software which integrates directly with all major eCommerce platforms and online sales channels.

Adstral Fulfilment can help your business grow in many different ways.

As well as taking this challenging aspect of an eCommerce business off your shoulders, an outsourced fulfilment service can help improve your bottom line.

If you are still fulfilling your orders in-house, then outsourcing to us will reduce your staffing costs. And when your business grows or you have seasonal peaks or sales, it alleviates the need to employ extra staff with all the legalities, training and costs involved.

We can reduce or completely alleviate your storage costs. We have secure, flexible warehousing that can expand as you do.

You’re in control! Your personal client portal dashboard gives you a real-time, at-a-glance status of your business. You can see which items are selling, current stock levels, returns information and sales data, which makes for better sales and promotional planning.

We give you time. Time previously spent on picking, packing, and visiting the Post Office is now back in your hands to spend on developing your business, sourcing new stock, or launching new marketing initiatives.

Invitation to ‘see for yourself’.

At Adstral we welcome visitors and will be happy to arrange a visit to meet the team and see first-hand how we receive and process orders. We’ll guide you on a tour to see where goods inwards are received and how unique SKUs are created and applied to products, we’ll show you our various storage points and how items are picked, then onto packing where our logistics team carefully prepares and packs items according to size, nature and any bespoke client requirements. Then lastly onto the despatch bay where products are weighed, postage or carrier method adhered and sorted ready for onward delivery.

We’ll be delighted to demonstrate our secure Client Portal, which provides you with an instant overview of all the important data in an easy-to-understand dashboard format. And we’ll be pleased to share testimonials from some of our long-standing clients in the health, beauty, cosmetics, subscriptions and other sectors.

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