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Importance of Quality Control in Contract Packing

Outsourcing your contract packing and e-Commerce fulfilment to a reliable, trusted partner can bring you many benefits. One of the many great benefits of outsourcing fulfilment is quality control. 

Vital to any business, regardless of company size, quality control is a necessity, but what is it?

What is Quality Contol?

Quality control, also known as quality management, is a system or process put in place to ensure the product is audited before delivery. The goal of a quality control process is to seek perfection. 

  • Product quality inspections
  • Packaging standards
  • Packing methodology
  • Quantity & volume checks
  • Final consignment check
  • Shipping and consignment documentation
  • Communication with third parties as required

We maintain high-quality standards that all of our employees adhere to. It sounds simple in principle, however, if the definition of quality isn’t outlined to employees, the process won’t be consistent, leading to poor quality.

Computerised or hard copy, all company processes need to be set out in a physical form. This allows the continual monitoring and managing of quality across all areas of a business.

Creating a quality control system doesn’t have to be too onerous. Documenting a process enables you to periodically audit to see if it still works for your needs. We can then make changes as processes themselves change.

A good quality control system enables companies to improve operations and become more efficient whilst maintaining quality in production and service.

The Main Components of a Quality Control

  • Continually Improving: If you have a process in place it is vital to continually analyse the weak spots. We recommend having a budget in place to be able to alter a process and acquire more resources. 
  • Listening to Your Customer: The main purpose of quality control is to present the customer with a product they are happy to receive. If negative feedback isn’t monitored then the process will never improve. Customers are far more likely to voice a bad experience so please ensure you are listening.
  • Good Planning: Quality is affected when resources are scarce or employees are ‘against the clock’. Companies need to be quick to respond. Do you have the budget for higher quality tools? More employees? Training? All of these factors can be roughly predicted based on seasonality or demand.

The Purpose of Quality Control

  • Repeat Business: Customers will want to work with businesses they have had positive experiences with. Loyalties to a brand aren’t as prevalent and customers will remember every bad experience they have had with your company. Poor quality will increase negative reviews and reduce sales.
  • Quality Conscious Employees: A business that prides itself in quality control will affect the mindset of its employees. If a process isn’t in place then employees will become lazy leading to poor quality.
  • Customer Satisfaction: High quality, increased satisfaction, simple.
  • Reduction in Business Costs: If products are sent out faulty or broken they will need to be sent back. Often this is done at the businesses’ expense which wastes both delivery costs and time of the employees.

The Benefit of using Adstral

Quality assurance is our commitment. At Adstral Fulfillment, we guarantee quality control in everything we undertake. From customer service to the order fulfilment and contract packing services we provide.

Continually monitoring entire operations to ensure that we meet our own high standards, as well as those of our customers. We have built a reputation for quality, reliability and attention to detail. Customers’ needs are met on time, every time.

Our quality control systems are followed, but we ensure that we meet our customers’ quality requirements too. In addition, we carry out thorough quality control inspections on all goods received from our customers before they are sent out, and on any returns received.

We provide guarantees that all of our contract packing services are carried out with complete accuracy, ensuring that we comply with the timetables and budgets of our customers.

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