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Contract Packing and Reworking: What is it? and How Can You Benefit?

What is Contract Packing?

Contract packing and reworking is the process in which a business hires a third-party logistics company to package and ship their products for them. This can be done in-house, using manufacturers or through a 3PL contract packing company such as ourselves.

There are many benefits to contract packing, including cost savings, convenience, and flexibility. Other benefits of using contract packing include:

  • Skilled and variable resources: Using external contract pack services can eliminate the need to employ packing staff throughout the year, regardless of the ebb & flow of business requirements and orders. Similarly, the management and training of temporary staff at peak periods is often a challenge to businesses which don’t regard contract packing as a core competence. 
  • Space availability: Not all companies have appropriate operational facilities to perform all of the necessary tasks associated with contract packing, especially in the case of seasonal peaks. Most 3PL contract packing providers are able to accommodate jobs of all sizes.
  • Decreased shipping costs: Working alongside shipping companies for many years has its benefits. We have forged incredibly strong relationships with shipping partners and this has presented us with preferential rates. We are able to offer same-day shipping of orders received before 5pm.
  • Increased efficiency: Contract packers can often provide a higher level of service than the customer’s in-house staff, and they can also offer a broader range of packaging options. 
  • Improved customer service: It is our job to ensure all products are sent with no defects. We pride ourselves on quality assurance.
  • Flexibility: Our team are capable of reworking, kitting, relabelling and delivering your products with no hiccups. If your product changes, we will adapt with no issues.
  • Reduced resources including warehouses and employees: To ensure that we operate at maximum efficiency, our warehouses are sizeable with plenty of room for storing products and picking them up when needed. 

In addition, contract packing can help to streamline the customer’s operations by reducing the need for storage space and labour.

Benefit 1: Reworking

Contract packing and reworking are often required by manufacturers, distributors or retailers. Reworking refers to the process of correcting damage, defect or incorrect packaging before dispatch. A 3PL can alter as little as a free gift with a purchase or correcting promotional offers. 

Adstral Fulfilment is able to carefully and skilfully repackage any products to incorporate additional items, add new labels or reassign barcodes. 

Adstral Fulfilment understands that not every product is perfect. Sometimes items need to be returned or exchanged. Our contract packing and reworking services can help to correct any errors on your products, ensuring that they are perfect before they reach your customers. We carefully and skilfully repackage any products to incorporate additional items, add new labels or reassign barcodes. 

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our contract packing and reworking services.

Benefit 2: Kitting

In our blog, ‘The Pros of Outsourcing Assembly and Kitting’, we describe kitting as “The act of combining individual items, to form one parent product, under one SKU”.

Adstral Fulfilment would take delivery of all component parts from the manufacturer or distributor and collate them into a kit, ready for assembly and onward delivery.

Benefit 3: Returns Processing

When a customer returns a product for any reason, we can handle the entire returns process, including logging all returns, thorough inspection, repackaging, restocking, and preparing for resale.

Working with Adstral Fulfilment

We take pride in providing you with the same quality services and products as if we were working on our own project. Whether it be service, timescales or budget we will meet all of your requirements because trust means everything to us at Adstral Fulfilment!

Our contract packing and reworking services include the following: 

  • Fast, economical and reliable contract packing solutions.
  • Administration and warehouse support.
  • Direct shipping services for finished products.
  • Stress-free solutions for emergency runs.
  • Direct delivery to conferences and exhibitions.
  • Bespoke production and campaign management.
  • Detailed status reporting of inventory and shipments.

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