Time to change your 3rd party logistics provider?

Why change 3PL fulfilment provider?

Why change 3PL fulfilment provider?

Before we give you some answers and food for thought, it’s worth asking the big question – “why are you looking to change your 3PL provider?”.  We suspect you are looking for an alternative 3rd party logistics fulfilment supplier because you are less than 100% happy with your current provider.  There could be many reasons for dissatisfaction, but efficient product fulfilment is such a key area to any eCommerce business, that anything less than 100% satisfaction is letting down your company, your brand and your customers.

Another reason for not changing your 3PL supplier, is fear that ‘something will go wrong’ and that fear often stops the right decision being made.  Perhaps you are feeling ‘better the devil you know….’ right now?


What does the best 3rd party fulfilment look like?

Simply, it should be almost invisible.

Invisible, inasmuch as everything to do with your product fulfilment is taken out of your hands, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best. That is developing your business, completely worry and stress free, and importantly cost effectively.  There’s no warehousing to worry about, no direct staffing requirements and all the problems this can entail. No security worries, no issues with taking in returned goods, no responsibility for organising road, sea or air carriers – which can entail complex export paperwork. Most of all, you can sleep soundly knowing your product fulfilment is in the best of hands.


What key aspects make up an efficient 3PL fulfilment service?

  • Seamless integration with your e-commerce platform and NO set-up fees
    Our fast, accurate and FREE set-up and integration with platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify gets you up and running immediately, so there’s no down-time and no set up fees.  We also fulfil Amazon and eBay orders quickly and efficiently, maintaining positive customer ratings.
  • Easy-to-use Portal
    Our portal is designed to be ultra-user-friendly and it allows you to check orders and fulfilment rates, stock inventory and management, returns and financial reporting at any time of day or night.  We will guide you and your team through the process and will always be at the end of the phone to answer any queries.
  • 100% Pick and Pack Accuracy
    Everyone from your dedicated account manager to the operations director, warehouse manager and despatcher is committed to providing an error-free service for every client.  Our systems and processes are both rigorous and rigorously controlled at every stage of fulfilment.  Our warehouse is exceptionally clean and tidy, with optimal workflows, clearly labelled bays, shelving and stock and a high level of quality control.  The ‘buck’ always stops with your account manager, so it is in their interest to ensure a completely error-free service and total client satisfaction.  It’s what our reputation is built on.
  • Smart use of Packaging
    There’s not many items we haven’t encountered, so we are experts in analysing the right packaging for the job.  We consider size, weight, shape, fragility, and value to ensure that the most effective and cost-efficient packaging is used.  If your company or brand requires eco-packaging or even personalised wrapping, it’s all part of the service.
  • Same-day Despatch
    If we receive an eCommerce order before 5pm, it will be picked, packed, and despatched on the same business day.  We have worked with our chosen postal partners and couriers for many years because we know they provide a first-class service. That confidence is passed on to you and your customers. 
  • Hassle-free Returns
    Handling returns is a real frustration for retailers, and it is usually an area that isn’t given proper time, care, and attention.  Many items that are returned should be able to be re-sold, but if returns are poorly managed, they will end up in the ‘write off bin’.  When a returned item is received by us, it will be unpacked with care and inspected thoroughly for damage.  If the item is undamaged and deemed suitable for re-sale, it will be re-packaged and marked back in stock ready for re-sale.  This level of care and attention helps protect your assets and has a direct positive effect on your profitability.


  • Is Adstral the best 3PL fulfilment provider for you?
    Every 3rd party fulfilment company has its ‘sweet spot’ in terms of product size, number of SKUs and order volumes that enables it to offer the best possible service.

    Our many years working with e-commerce retailers shows that our logistics and systems are best suited to smaller items, up to shoebox size – this isn’t to the millimetre but small, easily managed, items are perfect for us.  Although we handle multiple stock keeping units for each of our clients, our ideal number of SKUs is under 100, with over 50 orders per day (no maximum).

    This scenario of a lightweight product that’s smaller than a shoebox, a maximum of 100 SKUs and over 50 orders per day makes us highly competitive as a 3PL fulfilment partner.

    We want your business to be successful and working with us leaves you free to concentrate on growing your core business.  Our end-to-end fulfilment service takes away the hassle of renting or buying your own warehouse space, employing and training staff, finding additional staff to help with peak times, holidays or absenteeism, not to mention all the on costs such as buildings, stock and liability insurance.

  • Transfers to Adstral are discreet and risk-free

    Whatever your reason for transferring your 3PL fulfilment provider, we act with urgency and discretion. We’ll assign a senior account manager to personally manage your express onboarding programme.

    We’ll work within your timeframes and can receive stock directly from your distributors or transferred from your existing provider.  Our rapid set-up process ensures that we’re ready to  ship orders as soon as stock arrives at our warehouse, including any back-orders that may have accumulated. We’re also ready to immediately handle your returns.

    If preferred, we can start with a small subset of your orders, filtered by specific products, shipping methods and countries.

You can trust Adstral with your product fulfilment, warehousing, and logistics.

When you change suppliers or providers of almost any service there is always an element of fear, in case something goes wrong; a new system doesn’t work, new people don’t understand your products or needs or the new provider isn’t as quick to react as you would like.

Let us put your mind at rest.  Adstral has been working with blue chip companies and market-leading brands for over 10 years who trust us with their e-commerce fulfilment requirements.

We handle everything from beauty and healthcare products, fashion jewellery, luxury footwear, perfume, small giftware & homeware items, small electronic & electrical items and subscription orders.

If you are selling refrigerators or beds, then, regrettably, Adstral isn’t for you.  But smaller items, a minimal number of variants and order volumes which exceed 50 a day are where we excel and where you benefit.


Not only do we provide a first-class, professional, and accurate eCommerce fulfilment service, we like to help our customers with help and advice should they need it. We have produced some Hints & Tips documents, along with some FAQs, which provide answers to questions we are often asked.


To speak to one of our team about transferring to our eCommerce fulfilment service, please phone us on 01793 725043, or complete our priority transfer form and we will get respond to you without delay. All enquiries are treated discreetly.

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