Order fulfilment for vitamins and supplements

Order fulfilment for vitamins and supplements

Order fulfilment for vitamins and supplements – are you keeping up with the clicks?

There is a growing demand from consumers buying health and wellness products and this has driven a growth in nutritional supplements worldwide.  We are all more aware of the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and this includes adding vitamins and supplements to our diet, and retailers and distributors have capitalised on this.  Sales of vitamins, supplements and other health products such as protein shakes, are soaring – especially online, and some eCommerce retailers are struggling to cope with demand.

Successful online retailing is a balancing act of getting the product, marketing and fulfilment right, and all elements need to work effectively and efficiently.  In our opinion, all three elements have equal importance to the success or otherwise of the online business, but often it’s the last link in the chain – the order fulfilment part – that doesn’t get the attention it deserves or needs.

Great products, competitive pricing and innovative marketing results in consumers putting products into your virtual basket, clicking buy now, and you receiving the order.  But what happens next?  Does your eCommerce system feed through to order fulfilment or distribution in real-time, so orders are picked, packed and despatched same-day?  Are the orders packed appropriately with minimal packaging waste?  Are they despatched using the most cost-effective method?

How Adstral can help your online vitamin and supplement business grow and flourish.

Vitamins, supplements, prescription items and orders demand a fulfilment service that knows how to manage repeat prescriptions, manage stock and sell-by dates, and of course the expertise to ensure they are packed appropriately and securely.  With the rise in people buying vitamins, supplements, multi-vitamins, vegan products and CBD oil, these are often subscription items, so it’s important that your fulfilment provider keeps up with demand.

If your eCommerce business is in its infancy, then you may be coping with storing, picking and packing products in-house, but what if orders suddenly skyrocket – how will you manage order fulfilment?

Or you may already be at the stage where you work with a third-party logistics provider.  If this is the case, make sure that they are exceeding your expectations – or at least matching them – because if the service is anything less than 5*, it could be damaging your reputation.  It’s easy for fulfilment companies to become complacent – especially if you’ve been with them for some time – so it’s worth doing a review; at least once a year to see that they are providing a first-class service and value for money.

Working with Adstral Fulfilment can add value to your online sales channel.

Working with us is like having extra members of your own team.  We get to know your business, we understand your products, we store them in the most ambient environment, and pick, pack and despatch with as much care as if they were our own.  In fact we often say, our team is your team.

From the outset, we will set up your personal Adstral Client Portal and provide step-by-step instructions for you to view your account status in real-time.  And, we always have a member of our team available should you need some help or further training.

Our experienced on-boarding team makes the process and transition easy to get your business up and running – either from scratch or if you are moving from another fulfilment supplier.  In fact, we can integrate your eCommerce platform into our 3PL order management software in just a few hours, so keeping disruption to a minimum.  Naturally our system integrates directly with most eCommerce platforms and online sales channels.

Your Adstral Client Portal gives you a real-time, at-a-glance status of your business, so you can see which lines are moving quickly, when you need to replenish, check stock levels, together with returns information and sales data, to enable you to plan promotions or product expansion accordingly.

Invitation to ‘see for yourself’

At Adstral Fulfilment, we welcome visitors and will be happy to arrange a visit to meet the team and see first-hand how we receive and process orders.  We’ll guide you on a tour to see where goods inwards are received, we’ll show you our various storage points and how items are picked, then onto packing where our logistics team carefully prepares and packs items according to size, nature and any bespoke client requirements.  Then lastly onto the despatch bay where products are weighed, postage or carrier method applied and sorted ready for onward delivery.

We’ll be pleased to demonstrate our purpose-built Client Portal System, which provides an instant overview of all the important data in an easy-to-understand dashboard format.  And we’ll be pleased to share some testimonials from some of our long-standing clients in the health, beauty, cosmetics, subscriptions and other sectors.

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