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Product trials, launches and free samples are just a few reasons why manufacturers, suppliers and marketing agencies need to employ a direct mail distribution service for product sample fulfilment.

Some marketing experts that will tell you that direct mailing campaigns are dead in the water and not worth spending time and money on.  However, studies show that, in fact, it’s quite the opposite and that direct mail distribution in the digital era are still relevant and worth undertaking when done properly. 

In 2022, direct mail advertising spending in the United Kingdom reached £1.1 billion, experiencing a growth of 1.2 percent.

Direct Mail Distribution UK

From awareness campaigns to money-off leaflets, catalogues to customer retention programmes, a carefully thought out and executed direct mailing campaign can be worth its weight in gold.  However, you may think you have everything covered – design, target market etc. – but have you thought about fulfilment?  This is where a direct mail fulfilment service comes into its own.

What is direct mail fulfilment?

A direct mail fulfilment service takes your printed collateral and/or sample products, packs them in a suitable and safe method for the item being sent, and then mails them to meet the campaign timeline. 

It is ideal for any type of promotional fulfilment.  Once the items to be mailed are received at the fulfilment house, their pick, pack and despatch operatives will ensure that the mailing is carried out to the client’s requirements. 

Because, a  direct mail fulfilment service can be tailored to suit the individual customer’s requirements, some fulfilment houses also offer a one-stop-shop service – from design and artworking through to printing, onto fulfilment and mailing.

Who is the service aimed at?

A direct mail fulfilment service is ideal for a range of organisations, including marketing and PR agencies, printing firms and many consumer-focused businesses.

One stop shop

Adstral is expert in supporting a variety of customers from a wide background in scheduled direct mailing campaigns.  We offer a one-stop-shop for all fulfilment requirements including design and artworking, print management, fulfilment and mailing – all under one roof.  Every process is guided by a strict quality control system which enables us to give our customers the reassurance that their every requirement will be undertaken, and to the timetables  they have set.

This comprehensive direct mail fulfilment service can be tailored to meet the requirements of a range of promotional campaigns – both for B2B and D2C fulfilment.

We can even check your database(s) for accuracy and duplication, saving you time and money and ensuring that you are not sending a promotional campaign to an incorrect address, or to the same address more than once.

We ensure that each item is packed to ensure that the contents do not ‘go missing’ during delivery and to minimise damaged en-route.

Is our fulfilment service right for you?

Whatever type of fulfilment service you need, we can tailor it to suit your particular needs.  Whether you want a complete service – from design through to mailing, or just one or two services such as printing and fulfilment – we make sure that your every requirement is met.

We put our customers first so that their direct mailing campaigns and fulfilment is on time, every time – however small or large the project.   We will take care of everything that you need for your bespoke campaign.

Our process 

We work closely with numerous marketing agencies and sales promotional teams to deliver direct mailing fulfilment and promotional campaigns.

Depending on how much you require us to undertake, we will work from scratch developing the design and artwork and then arrange for printing, or we will receive your stock/printed collateral and then proceed with fulfilment.

For printed collateral, our fulfilment service is completely automated.  However, some particular mailings may be done partly by hand in circumstances where there is a need to insert free gifts or toiletry samples.

We work closely with many courier services, including the Royal Mail to ensure that we find the best mailing service that matches the time and budget requirements of each promotional campaign and customer.

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