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Lives are busy enough, juggling family time with work, without having to find a few hours to go shopping. As we move away from the high street, more of us are shopping online. Buying anything online is mostly hassle-free – for a start, there’s no need drive into a city centre, find somewhere to park and then brave inclement weather and other shoppers! Not to mention forking out huge sums for parking. As more people turn to the internet for their purchases – both big and small – large retailers, online stores, and direct mail businesses need to find an efficient, reliable and timely delivery system that keeps their customers happy. With one phone call or a couple of clicks on a screen, it is possible to order almost anything and have it sent to anywhere in the world. Businesses therefore need to consider order fulfilment as important as the selection of products they sell.

What is an order fulfilment service?

In a nutshell, an order fulfilment service will receive, pick, pack and despatch orders on behalf of the retailer. Specialist fulfilment houses will safely store a company’s products in their own warehouse facility and will be responsible for stock control. Using sophisticated software, the fulfilment house will be able to integrate with a company’s own website and online sales channels and download any orders received. The fulfilment team will then be tasked with picking the products from the warehouse and to then pack and despatch them to the customer.

Who is a fulfilment service aimed at?

An outsourced order fulfilment service is perfect for any trade or retail business or agency that sends goods or direct mail to its customers anywhere in the world. An order fulfilment service can help businesses:
  • Reduce the time between the order being received and despatched.
  • Streamline ordering and despatching processes.
  • Handle a sudden increase in order volume – for example, during seasonal peaks such as Black Friday or Christmas.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Manage stock.
  • Increase online sales by improving customer experience and reducing lead times.
  • Handle returns in a professional and timely manner.
Any size of business can benefit from using a dedicated and professional order fulfilment service – from a start-up to a multi-national retailer, whether trade, retail or an agency.

A tailored worldwide order fulfilment service to suit your needs

Adstral provides a flexible order eCommerce fulfilment service that is tailored to the needs of your business. Our service is aimed at companies which sends small to medium sized products, leaflets, magazines etc., shipping to UK addresses or anywhere worldwide. All stock is stored in our secure fulfilment warehouse clearly labelled, and ready for immediate picking, packing and despatching by our professional and dedicated fulfilment team as and when new orders are received. If your customer needs to return an order, we will handle the returns process. On receipt of the goods, they will be checked thoroughly for damage, agreed returns process, and – if able to be resold – will be booked back into stock. We provide a professional, efficient, reliable, quality controlled, order fulfilment service with guaranteed order accuracy. If, in the unlikely event, a mistake should happen, we will rectify it quickly at our own cost and with no impact to your business. We make worldwide order fulfilment of your goods easy and hassle free. Your products are stored safely and securely in our order fulfilment warehouse ready for picking, packing and despatching to your customers – wherever in the world that may be. In addition to our bespoke every day or seasonal peak order fulfilment service, we also manage advance consignments for sales promotions, bulk direct mailing campaigns and marketing events promotion. To find out more, or to discuss your worldwide order fulfilment requirements, please complete our online enquiry form today and we’ll get back to you.

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