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The importance of quality control in contract packing

A great quality control or quality management system is at the core of any successful business. It sets out clear processes that all employees can follow, so that any job is carried out to the companies’ principles.

Regardless of the size of business, outsourcing your contract packing and e-Commerce fulfilment to a reliable and trusted partner can bring a number of benefits:

What is involved in a quality control system?

A quality control (or quality management) system is not as complicated as it may sound. Simply put, it is a system whereby all the company’s processes are set out in a manual – either computerised or hard copy – to enable the continual monitoring and managing of quality across all areas of a business.

Creating a quality control system doesn’t have to be too onerous. By documenting your processes, it enables you to periodically audit them to see if they still work for your needs, and to make changes as processes themselves change.  A good quality control system enables companies to improve operations and become more efficient whilst maintaining quality in production and service.

Benefits of using Adstral

Adstral is committed to providing quality in everything it undertakes, from customer service to the order fulfilment and contract packing services it provides.  We continually monitor our entire operation to ensure that we meet our own high standards, as well as those of our customers.

We have built a reputation of quality, reliability and attention to detail, making sure that our many customers’ needs are met on time, every time.  We not only make sure our quality control systems are followed, but we ensure that we meet our customers’ quality requirements too. In addition, we carry out thorough quality control inspections on all goods received from our customers before they are sent out, and on any returns received.

Our quality control system enables us to provide guarantees that all of our contract packing services are carried out with complete accuracy, ensuring that we comply with the timetables and budgets of our customers.

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