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Taking the burden off product sample fulfilment

Product trials, launches and free samples are just a few reasons why manufacturers, suppliers or marketing agencies need to employ a product sample fulfilment service.

Whether you need to send product samples to your existing or prospective customers – or even your sales team – you need an order fulfilment service that is flexible and can be tailored to suit your company’s needs.

Whether product and promotional samples are a big part of your operation, or it is a one-off project for product/brand awareness or launch, it can put a large burden on your warehouse storage and staff.  Creating space in an already full warehouse, or asking staff to take time out of their usual duties to send out a large product sample mailing, could cause a number of issues.  Therefore outsourcing your product sample fulfilment can save you time, money and warehouse space.

What is a sample fulfilment service?

A sample fulfilment service is a way of getting product samples, promotional items and product trial items to your chosen target market. The service is undertaken by a specialist order fulfilment company.  They will have the expertise, warehouse space and personnel to undertake a quick, efficient and accurate product sample fulfilment and promotional fulfilment that meets the individual needs of your company.

The fulfilment company will receive the goods that are to be despatched and store them in their own fulfilment warehouse, while following strict stock inventory management processes.  Once the customer database has been received, operatives will pick, pack and despatch the items to the target audience in line with your requirements. If required, they will rework the item to meet any new branding or labelling required.

Who is Adstral’s sample fulfilment service aimed at?

A sample fulfilment service is aimed at anyone who needs to send out samples or promotional items, and product trials.  We will create a bespoke sample fulfilment service to meet the needs of various companies, organisations and agencies. 

We work closely with numerous marketing and PR agencies, manufacturers, suppliers, and start-up businesses to deliver accurate product fulfilment for product launches, product samples, market testing and trials, customer retention programmes, brand recognition campaigns, and much more.

Is our sample fulfilment service right for you?

We’ve had years of experience working closely with marketing agencies, print management companies, mailing houses and sales promotion teams to provide them with a bespoke B2B and D2C fulfilment service for a range of promotional and product sample projects.

We don’t offer an off-the-shelf service, because no two projects are the same.  We offer a fast, cost-effective, fully-scheduled fulfilment service that is tailored to meet the time and budget constraints of each customer, ensuring that products are delivered to meet their project requirements.

Your stock will be housed in our large on-site warehouse facility.  To ensure that your products are safe, secure and accounted for, down to the very last sample packet, we follow a stringent inventory control. 

When we undertake the fulfilment side of the service, our pick, pack and despatch operatives carefully select the correct products/samples.  We will then pack them carefully in suitable packaging to suit the item and to minimise any possible damage during transit and delivery.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our product sample fulfilment, or you have an upcoming promotional campaign that you would like to discuss, please get in touch today.

We will be more than happy to talk you through our various processes, and provide you with answers to any questions you may have about our fulfilment services.

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